Technologies in Use

Modern cultivation technologies will be used for the construction of greenhouse complexes allowing for speeding up the payback on the projects, owing to a high yield of greenhouse crops.

Nowadays, the most common technology among the modern greenhouse ones is the small crop amount cultivation technology together with the use of drip irrigation as well as the use of such systems as shading, electric supplementary lighting and misting.

This technology is the most widely spread in Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Israel and is actively used in America. It is interesting that a considerable part of technological innovations in this area belongs to Russia. However this method has been used at the level of inventions and experiments for a long time in our country, whereas its advantages, as compared with traditional technologies, have been immediately valued abroad.

Annual volumes of small amount greenhouse construction in the USA, Holland, Spain, Italy and Israel have made up tens of thousands of hectares for the period since the year 1975 till present. The main reason for such an extensive distribution of this technology has turned out to be high economic efficiency, being received due to both an increase in yield, and the significant amount of resources being conserved.


Modern greenhouse structures of VENLO type. Being supplied by leading Dutch companies Dalsem, Kubo, Gakon as well as the frames for plastic film greenhouses in Astrakhan by French company Richel – a global leader in plastic film greenhouse manufacturing.

Ventilation System

The system of ventilation consists of the ventilation holes (vents) which are opened and closed with the help of a rail mechanism system endowed with protection from storm winds. The vents are installed on both sides, at some distance from the gable of greenhouse and in a checkered order.

The System of Vapor Induced Cooling and Supplementary Misting. For the purpose of decreasing the temperature in summer, the System of Vapor Induced Cooling and Supplementary Misting is used in greenhouses (fogging) together with shading.

Internal Heating System

Viessmann Vitomax 200WS boilers provided by Viessmann company, the leading world manufacturer of boilers, are installed in the greenhouse. The distribution of heat is performed by water via pipes and is managed by computer system automatically.

Drip Irrigation System

The most advanced Drip Irrigation System provides for the dosage of plant cultivation nutrients to be precisely determined. Low Volume Hydroponics Technology is used which is controlled automatically.